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April 05, 2010



Disney has a casting call for women for its upcoming next episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The only stipulation is that they have natural breasts - no enhanced breasts need apply. You should get a position with their team as the "breast verifier". I'm thinking that's right up your alley, eh?


Rob: That's an ingenius idea! You just keep climbing up the ranks of Keitholicism.


I think the young lady in the photo has something other than milk in her breastages. Can you verify this UK?


i think she's smuggling basketballs.

sorry i'm late. how long is the line?


NurseMyra: If she lets me find out, I'll be happy to share my findings.

DaisyFae: Really, really short, and by short, I mean you'd be the first.


bring it on, i was weened on the stuff, glad science has given it the seal of approval... not sure about the cheap thing these days though...


A tool for your toolkit for that Disney gig: The Breast Implant Flashlight Test


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